Studying Abroad - Manchester, UK

Leaving the nest

Months of preparation all lead up to a single moment: Oh wow, I’m actually doing this! I’m actually going to leave everything that I know, for 8 months. (Yes, yes, almighty internet won’t make it that bad, but that’s how it feels) This is going to be one great adventure.

While I was packing, I’m realising that I’m not going camping in the bush, I don’t need half the stuff I usually bring when I go travelling (which is usually the middle of nowhere), I can buy stuff in Manchester; so no need to bring my sleeping bag, air mattress and don’t even think about bringing a can of propane.

My stuff on the floor
Double-checked all my stuff and ready to go

I was told that the UK doesn’t have Kraft Dinner, so I decided to bring some to share with my future non-Canadian friends. I brought 8 boxes, (not shown in the picture since I decided to stuff more after I finished packing) which account for a little less than half of my things, by volume. Most of the weight is those two cans of maple syrup, which I intend to consume a few months in the trip, via the use of a classic maple syrup delivery system: pancakes.

After a heavy meal at my favorite buffet in Ottawa, Tucker’s Markeplace (which should keep me full for several hours during my flights), my parents and I went to the airport and said our goodbyes.

Me and my parents
Last goodbye to my wonderful parents

At first, the flight was on time, then got delayed by 15 minutes, then 30, then one hour, then two, then three. Apparently, a good-old snowstorm was preventing my plane from taking off in Toronto, delaying it’s landing time in Ottawa. Out of curiosity, I check the weather radar map, let’s just say I was not surprised.

Weather radar map of Toronto-Ottawa area with a nice storm
Ah, South-Western Ontario weather, you did it again
Even though the weather is less than ideal, I still find it entertaining to watch the orchestra of snowplows, trucks and aircraft unfolding before me

I should be in Toronto by now, but hey, it’s better this than flying in a snowstorm. There’s absolutely nothing I can do about it right now, so might as well sit back, and enjoy the free time. (writing this blog, that is)